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Blog: March, 2015 
Toad Mountain Spring Flowers, March 24, 2015

Camelias, Forsythia and Azaleas
The camelias, forsythia and azaleas have been the first to bloom up here on Toad Mountain. The camelias started around the first of March, followed shortly thereafter by forsythia, and then the violet azaleas. It's now shortly after the beginning of spring and the camelias are already starting to turn brown.
Camelias (Nikon D800E, 100mm Zeiss ZF Makro-Planar)
Forsythia (Leica M9, 50mm Summilux)
Azaleas (Nikon D800E, 100mm Zeiss ZF Makro-Planar)
Toad Mountain Atmospherics, March 7, 2015

Winter Light
It's still technically winter on Toad Mountain but the light is definitely changing. These morning shots were taken on seperate days but there is increasing warmth to the morning light and the light is coming earlier. Of course tomorrow is the start of daylight savings time.
Toad Mountain Morning Light, 7:00 Am March 07, 2015
Toad Mountain, Sun Spots in Fog
Toad Mountain, Sun Light Over Fog
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