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Blog: February, 2015 
Canon G7 Rendering, February 23, 2015

Rendering of Bright Daylight
The Canon Powershot G7 is an older model small sensor camera that is light on fine detail and only shoots JPGs but has a wonderful rendition of certain kinds of light, especially full daylight and backlight. If I could only get these small files to print well larger than 8x10!

At least part of that quality is from the digital sensor. If you were to look at the original image closely you'd see that what appears to be detail is often just digital "smudge" punctuated with much smaller areas of high contrast detail. This is fairly common in small sensors but in the G7 the way this is rendered has a wonderful effect on certain kinds of light. You just can't blow up the image very much without the smudge becoming more prominent and losing the nice effect.

The samples below were taken on Rocky Ridge south of Livermore, California.
Buckeye Tree on Rocky Ridge, Above the South End of Lake Del Valle.
Lichen Covered Rocks on Rocky Ridge, Above the South End of Lake Del Valle.
Old Fire Road on the South Slpe of Rocky Ridge, Above Lake Del Valle.
Toad Mountain Atmospherics, February 20, 2015

Vagaries of Morning Clouds
Here are some typical winter morning atmospherics on Toad Mountain. This year the winter never quite materialized between fall and spring; it's mid February and rhododendrons are already blooming in the garden. These sorts of morning clouds can appear any time of year, but they are more typical of fall. Fog settles in along the Nooksack River overnight and creeps over higher ground in the early morning hours; then the sun comes up and it slowly burns away. The best time to see this interpenetration is within a hour or so of sunrise.

Yesterday was rainy but for the next few days the forecast is for clear skies.

Thursday Morning, 8:00am
Thursday Morning, 8:05am
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